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The Singapore Life Saving Society (SLSS) is a non-profit organisation with a mission to promote lifesaving and water safety in Singapore. The SLSS is a charity registered under the Charities Act 1982 (Reg. No. 0002) and an Institution of Public Character. It is also a member of the National Council of Social Service, a national sports association recognised by the Singapore Sports Council, a member of The Royal Life Saving Society, Commonwealth, and a member of The International Life Saving Federation.

The SLSS is widely recognised as the authority on water safety and lifesaving in Singapore. Our affiliates include uniformed groups (the police, the armed forces and the civil defence force), swimming clubs, schools, institutions of higher learning and recreation clubs. We examine and administer a wide range of lifesaving awards that are used as the basis for employment by lifeguards in Singapore. The SLSS also assists organisations on water safety and lifesaving. Among the awards given to SLSS members or units are the Singapore Youth Award, the Commonwealth Youth Services Award and The International Life Saving Federation Citation of Merit.



In 1967, Lord Louis Mountbatten, Grand President of The Royal Life Saving Society met several enthusiastic lifesavers and suggested the formation of a Singapore Branch in view of the growing interest in lifesaving and the excellent work carried out in Singapore. Lord Mountbatten sought clearance from the then Prime Minister of Singapore, Mr Lee Kuan Yew and this was granted. The Singapore Branch of the Royal Life Saving Society was thus formed on 16 August 1967 with Mr Rowland Lyne as the President, Mr Milton Tan as the Vice-President and Mr Lee Hon Ming as Honorary Secretary. When Mr Rowland Lyne retired and left Singapore in 1968, Mr Milton Tan, who was also President of the National Safety Council of Singapore, was elected to take over as the President of the Singapore Branch.


With the approval of The Royal Life Saving Society at its Commonwealth Conference in 1981, the Singapore Branch of the Royal Life Saving Society became the SLSS on 7 June 1982. The SLSS is a society registered under the Societies Act of Singapore.

Mr Milton Tan stepped down as President of the SLSS in March 2004 after close to 40 years of outstanding service and was honoured by being made a Honorary Life President of the SLSS. Mr Woon Sui Kut served as President from 2004 to March 2008 and Mr Richard Tan Ming Kirk is the current President of the SLSS. The Honorary Advisor of the SLSS is Dr Teo Ho Pin, Mayor of North-West CDC.



The activities of the SLSS spans the entire range of water safety, lifesaving and their related activities and we have people with knowledge and experience in many areas including aquatic rescue, first aid, resuscitation, field traumatology, pool operations, aquatic facilities management, lifeguard management and water safety management.







SLSS is a national member of The Royal life Saving Society and The International Life Saving Federation.