Open Call for SLSS 1st Batch of Participants for Coach Developers Course

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Who are Coach Developers?

Coach developers are not simply experienced coaches or transmitters of coaching knowledge. They are trained to develop, support and challenge coaches to go on honing and improving their knowledge and skills to provide positive and effective sport experiences for all participants. Coach developers include all those people who have undergone training to fulfil one or more of the following roles: coach educators, assessors, learning facilitators, presenters and mentors.

What are the Prerequisites?

Course Details

Please register via this online form and attach your statement of participant:

Closing date is 8th June 2020, 12pm.

Maximum class size is 30 pax for 1st Batch.  

Successful applicants will be notified and fees for workshop are $30 per person.

Tentative Workshop date is on 20th June 2020.  A 2hr practical session, followed by 1hr assessment (with assistance from CoachSG) for Participant to know if they are competent with the require Coach Developer Skills.

Competent Participant will be required to do 2 attachment sessions to complete the course.

As Coach Developers

Coach Developers will be given priority to attend and provided opportunities to assist/conduct upcoming SLSS Lifesaving Courses.

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