Covid-19 update #03

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Date: 06 April 2020

Dear SLSS members,

The Multi-Ministry Taskforce has implemented an elevated set of safe distancing measures, as a circuit breaker to pre-empt the trend of increasing local transmission of COVID-19. The aim is to reduce much more significantly movements and interactions in public and private places.

These heightened safe distancing measures will be in place for four weeks (i.e. two incubation cycles) from 7 April 2020 until 4 May 2020 (inclusive). Entities that are able to comply immediately are strongly encouraged to do so. Current safe distancing measures on capacity limits and physical separation remain in force and must be strictly complied with, especially over the weekend.

The SLSS Business Continuity Management (BCM) Team would like to inform all members and their students. With effect from 06 April 2359hrs;

On Examinations and Classes

  1. All SLSS examinations and bookings are to be suspended till 4th May 2020.
  2. All lifesaving classes with participant will be suspended till 4th May 2020.
    1. No examinations will be allowed
    1. No classes should be conducted
  3. The above measures is subjected to further guidelines from SportSG and/or Ministry.

On CPR and SNR booking from 15th Feb 2020

  1. Due to the close contact nature of our CPR and SNR examinations,
    1. All CPR and SNR examinations will be suspended till 4thth May 2020.
    1. Upon approval from SportSG to carry out the activities, SLSS will put its best effort to clear the back log of bookings.
    1. Priority will be given to affected students when test schedule reopens.
    1. The EXCO will be inviting examiners of grade 2 and above to assist SLSS in this trying time to examine the students in a heighten level of hygiene
    1. Alternatively, should you seek a refund for your examinations, we will be releasing more information to facilitate the arrangement.

Closure of office for administrative matters

As SLSS services is considered a non-essential service, we will be following the Multi-Ministry Taskforce guidelines in the closure of office.

We will update the public on the re-opening of office and relevant service once the covid-19 measures have been lifted.

Latest updates from official media channels

If you would like to find the latest update on the development of covid-19 measures with regards to SLSS programme. Please visit the following Facebook page:


We seek your kind understanding during this critical period and wish you and your family to be safe and stay healthy.


Liang YaoWen
Honorary General Secretary
SLSS BCM Team leader

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