Specialist Module 2 (SCM2)

Award : SLSS International Pool Lifeguard Award (IPLA)

Aim : This Module develops acceptable standards of knowledge, judgment, skills and physical abilities for the supervision of people in swimming pools. 

Pre-requisite : Successfully completed the Standard Module or equivalent. 
Minimum Age : 16 years old. 
Class Size : 6 – 12 participants. 
Duration : 6 sessions of 2 hours each. 
Course Fee : $400 per participant. 

Course Syllabus
A. Skills covered in Standard Module. 
B. Knowledge of aquatic facilities where training is conducted. 
C. Fast response pool rescues. 
D. Fitness & rescue fitness. 
E. Care for spinal injury. 
F. Further emergency situations. 
G. Further Cardio-Pulmonary Resuscitation. 
H. Pool mechanical resuscitation equipment. 
I. Pool emergency procedures.

Course Entitlement : A SLSS round-neck Tee-Shirt or SLSS Lifesaver Cap, three pairs of surgical gloves and three CPR face-shields.