Specialist Module 1 (SCM1)

Award : Pool Lifeguard (PLA)

Aim : This Module develops acceptable standards of knowledge, judgement, skills and physical ability for the supervision of people in swimming pool facilities.

Pre-requisite : Successfully completed the Standard Module or equivalent.
Minimum Age : 16 years old.
Class Size : 6 – 12 participants.
Duration : 6 sessions of 2 hours each.
Course Fee : $380 per participant.

Course Syllabus :
A. Skills covered in Standard Module.
B. Deepest end pool rescues.
C. Fast response pool rescues.
D. Rescue of multiple of victims.
E. Care for spinal injury.
F. Further emergency situations.
G. Further Cardio-Pulmonary Resuscitation.
H. Pool mechanical resuscitation equipment.
I. Pool emergency procedures.