Senior Resuscitation Module (SNR)

Award : Senior Resuscitation (Snr Resus)

Aim : This course provides further training and certification on special techniques for CPR, additional first aid, airway obstruction management, basic anatomy and physiology. 

Pre-requisite : Cardio-Pulmonary Resuscitation Award. 
Minimum Age : 15 years old. 
Class Size : 6 – 8 participants.
Duration : 6 hours. 
Course Fee : $150 per participant. 

Course Syllabus
A. Further One Rescuer CPR. 
B. Two Rescuer CPR. 
C. Further Foreign-Body-Airway-Obstruction Management. 
D. Mouth-To-Mask techniques. 
E. First Aid. 
F. Basic Anatomy and Physiology.