Oxygen Resuscitation Award (02)

Award : Oxygen (02) Resuscitation Award

Aim : The aim of this course is to establish a basic level of proficiency in knowledge, understanding and practical ability in the use of oxygen equipment and adjuncts during resuscitation rescues.

: CardioPulmonary Resuscitation (CPR) Award.
Minimum Age : 16 years old.
Class Size : 8 – 16 participants.
Duration : 8 hours.
Course Fee : $230 per participant.

Course Syllabus :
A. Introduction and Oxygen Administration in Practice.
B. Benefits of Oxygen Administration in First Aid and Resuscitation.
C. Use of Pocket Mask and Revision of Adult-2-Rescuer CPR.
D. Oxygen Administration Equipment.
E. Oxygen Resuscitation.
F. Incident Management.