Open Water Module 3  (OWM 3)

Award : Patrol Lifeguard (PTG)

Aim : This Module is to develop acceptable standards of knowledge, judgement, skills and physical abilities required of a lifeguard supervising people in open water locations.

Pre-requisite : Successfully complete the Standard Module or equivalent.
Minimum Age : 15 years old.
Class Size : 6 – 10 participants.
Duration : 4 sessions of 2 hours each.
Course Fee : $350 per participant.

Course Syllabus :
A. Throwing, Reaching, Wading and Accompany rescues.
B. Open water Entries.
C. Landings – Assisted and Unassisted.
D. Open water swim and further Distances Tows.
E. Surface Dives.
F. Contact and Non-contact Tows.
G. Shallow water Resuscitation and Resuscitation Tow.
H. Defence and Releases.
I. Underwater Search.